We had to name the game “Pim’s adventure” since “Pim” was use by another app (no game). Not a bad name but a bit longer. At least we get the word adventure in the title.

When thinking back on how far we have gone since our first version we realize that it takes a lot of iterations to get everything, especially the graphics, right.
We have worked in a creative way – pursuing ideas that was later disregarded for some reason. We had to realize that our time was limited as well as our experience with the tools used and that we sometimes had to be satisfied with a “good enough”.

One good thing came out of our UX testing method. We simply put the game in the hands of children and watch them trying to play. The first thing they try is the correct way of designing the controls because its intuitive. This helped us several times. Still we had cut improvents at some point to get finished.